web projects

The implementation of a Web project is a complex matter. The optimal interaction between the various sub-areas such as content, design and technology is not always self-evident. To ensure that everything goes hand in hand together, it takes an experienced project management that keeps all different aspects as well as schedule and cost in mind.

coordinate complexity

Web projects naturally have a high degree of complexity. The involved parties usually have different views and priorities. Creativity collides with technical conditions and changing requirements. Additional interfaces to other systems, such as shop or booking systems, increase the complexity and the necessary coordination and harmonization becomes more extensive. An experienced project management, which has an overview and understanding of all areas can keep the web project together. Agile methods help to improve communication and to minimize friction loss. Thus potentials are used in terms of the whole project.

web projects with y punto

Through our years of experience in the implementation of web projects, we make your website fly. In time and budget together we implement your presence, along with your or our partners.