The outsourcing of project parts and processes, offshoring has been an important issue for several years. India and China are of interest to corporations due to the scope and cost structure. For medium-sized companies which are subject to high pressure for innovation, this is usually not worth it. The outsourcing overhead is out of proportion to the potential savings in implementation. Nearshoring may be an alternative.

nearshoring in europe: spain

We have worked successfully for several years on web projects together with partners in Spain. Due to the cultural and temporal proximity, the use of Spanish nearshoring capacity is profitable, even for small and medium-sized web projects. Nearshoring in Spain means less overhead and lower friction losses compared to offshoring. Our partners in Spain are highly motivated, have excellent qualifications and work according to European standards.

nearshoring with y punto

We show you how and where the use of nearshoring in Spain makes sense in your project. Take advantage of our network and our experience in Spain, in order to realize your ideas quickly, cheaply and reliably.